Call For Paper

The 2nd International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Control Engineering (ICECC 2019) will be held in Phuket, Thailand during April 13-16, 2019. It aims to bring together top researchers all around the world to exchange research results and address open issues in all aspects of Electronics, Communications and Control Engineering.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1. Adaptive and Optimal Control
2. Asset Management Systems
3. Automated Software Engineering
4. Automation System and Applications
5. Bio-mass
6. Bio-medical Electronics
7. Brain Imaging
8. Brain/Neural Computer Interfaces
9. Compilers and Interpreters
10. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
11. Computer Intelligence Applications
12. Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing
13. Control Theory and System
14. Diagnostic Sensors
15. Distributed Control System
16. Distributed Systems
17. EEG and EMG Signal Processing and Applications
18. Electrical and Magnetic Recordings
19. Embedded System
20. Energy Management in and by Automated Systems
21. Energy Network
22. Expert Systems
23. Factory Automation and Industrial Informatics
24. Fault Diagnosis, State-Estimation and Identification
25. Fuzzy Logic Control
26. Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Control
27. Green communication systems and network
28. Home and Building Automation
29. Home and Building Automation Networks
30. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
31. Industrial Control Applications
32. Industry Applications
33. Informatics in Automation
  34. Instrumentation and Measurement
35. Integration with MES and ERP Systems
36. Intelligent Automation
37. Intelligent Control Systems
38. Internet of Things (IoT)
39. Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication
40. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
41. Manufacturing Systems
42. Modeling and Simulation
43. Model-Predictive Control
44. Modern and Advance Control
45. Monitoring Systems and Techniques
46. Network and information security
47. Neural Networks Control
48. Optical Imaging Techniques
49. Parallel Computing applications in Identification and Control
50. Pattern Recognition
51. Photovoltaic
52. Power Electronics
53. Precision Motion
54. Process Automation
55. Process Modeling and Optimization
56. Programmable Logic Controller
57. Robotics
58. Routing and Control Protocols
59. Satellite Communications
60. Self-configurable Systems
61. Sensor and Actuator Devices Technology and Principles
62. Small Hydro and Non-Conventional Energy
63. Solar Thermal Applications
64. Wind Energy
65. Wireless and optical networks
66. Wireless Sensor Networks